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19.12.2020 -
Odysseia War
Author: God

dysseia will be an unique war never seen before! We have combined the best things from other modern mmorpgs and games. So you can enjoy your tibia adventure with a nice twist! We focused on player versus player combat and beside that, we have unique world bosses! Contest these places to be victorious and receive tons of cool items and even enchantable crystals for your weapon! As you can see, Odysseia War contains a lot of unique features that gives you a real reason to play!

Unique features

  • Custom task system
  • Custom bosses
  • Unique sprites
  • Player economy
  • Custom map with real tibia spawns and city's
  • Skull and Shutdown system!


Skull and Shutdown System

                                             3 Frags                    5 Frags                10 Frags

                                        Get on a killing spree without dying and receive rewards!
                                          Receive special outfits by achieving certain objectives!
                                    Shutdown killingspree player's (skull) and receive their bounty!

Enchanting System


How does it work? We have enchantment stages from I to V!

Each stage you can CHOOSE your own upgrade, the upgrade that suits your playstyle!
But remember, you will keep these stats throughout the 5 stages and build further on it!
You need to enchant these weapons with special enchantment crystals.

(Dropped by bosses, lootboxes,...)


  The V stages of enchanting!


                                            PRI           DUO          TRI            TET            PEN


Do you have it in you to get your equipment to V?

The players who achieve at least TET will receive a weapon with animation and special character buffs! Do you want CRIT with your SD? Do you want to make your sword dealing SLASH damage? Or use special bolts with your Crossbow?

Well that's only the TIP of the ICEBERG!

Odysseia has so much to offer.... Join Odysseia WAR now!

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