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What are the basics of crafting until enchanting?

The Five Stages:

		 Salvaging 			Crushing 	     	  Crafting		      Upgrading 		      Enchanting

Salvaging and Crushing:

Equipment and weapons can be salvaged
for crafting materials.

Enchantment Crystals can be crushed
for crystal powder.


Crafting, Upgrading and Enchanting:

Items can be crafted here with
crafting materials.
sometimes blueprints are needed.

Weapons can be upgraded
from stage I to V.
Crystals and Materials are needed

Armors Sets can be enchanted
and have a chance on getting I, III or V.
Crystals and Materials are needed.


Difference between Upgrading and Enchanting:

Upgrading will +1 your weapon till stage V (PEN).
Enchanting will have a % chance on succeeding and enchants your equipment between I, III or V.

For Example:

If you enchant your armor from normal to III (TRI), but you want to make it V (PEN),
1.You will have to salvage the armor
2.You will receive a normal armor again + 75% materials
3. Try enchanting again till you receive V!
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